Reconstructed Maxi Skirt

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I decided to do another (some what) do-it-yourself project!

I happened to thrift this cute maxi skirt while I was out with my sister. I loved the material and pattern of the skirt but found the shape just a little off due to the double slits. So I took the skirt and decided to make a single high slit maxi skirt!

{ what I needed: }

Thread to match the color of the skirt
A needle
A stitch remover - I used a old cuticle cutter since I didn't have a stitch remover at the time

{ step one }

Sew up the side of the skirt that you don't want the slit to be on

You're gonna try to make sure that the stitch of the skirt is not visible! It was easy with this material because the pattern of the skirt had loose stitches that I could easily stitch between the pattern. Once you've reached the bottom of the skirt, make sure to knot the end of the thread!

{ step two }

Take the opposite slit on the skirt and measure out how high you want the new slit to be - it's easiest if you try the skirt on and mark where you want the slit to fall! Once you've marked the slit height, take your stitch remover and remove all the stitches between the seem until the marked height.

Once you've un-stitched all the stitches, I took my needle and looped it around a couple times and made a knot at the marked height. This prevents the top stitches from coming undone!

{ step three }

Now you gonna take the open ends of the now un-stitched slit and fold it over and sew it done - it should be identical to the previous stitches that were there from the slit alread being open!

Make sure to do both sides and knot the thread once you've reached the top!

{ Tada! Done! }

And that's it!

I didn't want to show the final product on just yet! I plan on wearing it this weekend and when I do my post then you'll get a chance to see the final product on! So just make sure you come back and check it out!

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    1. Thanks! I've started following you now!