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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

"I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie they feel sexy. So let us wear it for five minutes.
― Karen McDougal

Interview Interview

Simone Pérèle

Simone Pérèle is a beautiful French lingerie line that recently been awarded Salon International Designer of the Year. Simone Pérèle is known for its beautiful floral lace, intricate embellishments and a fit that makes you feel natural yet seductive. And thanks to the Simone Pérèle team, I was able to get my hands on a set from their FW17 collection and everything about the set is as exactly as they describe it.


I was also lucky enough to have had a chance to get to ask Artistic Director, Katia Charle, a few questions about the brand and the line the Simone Pérèle team have currently created. So keep reading to find out a little more about the brand and their team!

Tell me about yourself.
I would say that I am a passionate person on top of being a perfectionist. Fabric “speaks” to me and I listen to it in order to showcase it in the most beautiful way and to beautify women.

Why lingerie? What brought you into the lingerie business?
Lingerie combines expertise and creativity… And I love lace and embroidery so much!

How do you describe your personal style?
Elegant, classy and into fashion (as opposed to being fashionable). To me, being fashionable today means you may not be fashionable tomorrow because trends come and go. Being elegant means knowing yourself and your body type and what looks good or not on you.

Describe your creative process.
I like to draw and I studied Fine Arts. I like to say that I am better at speaking when I am holding a pen! I draw a lot and I pay attention to fabric, which “speaks” to me. I try to refine fabric through the technical and creation processes that I am so passionate about.

How do you get unstuck creatively?
I am never at a loss for inspiration. Ever. Everything can be inspiring if you know how to look. The hardest part is to choose which inspiration to follow.


How do you stay organized when you are provided with multiple design assets, files, and ideas?
The hardest part is to find the time to unwind every day. Since everything can be a source of inspiration, I can never really stop working. I think that creative people gather a ton of information, which can be used later on when they need it. I do it automatically and unconsciously.

Tell me about a project you've completed that has made you the most proud?
I can’t, because each piece is like a baby to me.

What is the design process at Simone Pérèle?
We start each collection by analyzing the requests from women from all over the world, then we make a plan. We have two product categories: Essentials (Les Essentiels) and Favourites (Les Coups de Cœur). Each season, we create about 300 prototypes based on the current trends to create 4 lines of about 10 different items each. An internal creation committee makes the final choices among the products that we have presented and that have been tried. We subject our products to consumer tests in France and in other countries and our choices are based on the results since meeting the needs of women is one of our main concerns. Once styles and colours have been chosen, items are developed internally and worn by women on our team (or outside of our team if no one wears the size of a particular style).

What differentiates this collection from others?
Parisian Quintessence is the theme of our Fall-Winter 2017 collection. We are all Parisian, in our own way, with a touch of Je Ne Sais Quoi that changes everything. This collection showcases the major shopping destinations and monuments of the city. The surprising midriff band of the bras in the FLIRT line is inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

Where do you see yourself in the lingerie industry as a whole?
Supporting women, making them look their best and feel confident!


Make sure you check out Simone Pérèle's lingerie line! You'll definitely fall in love with it once you have your own set!

- The Cassie Paige

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  1. Fabulous interview! I consider myself a lingerie fashion blogger and I am impressed! You asked excellent questions and I very much enjoyed reading Katia Charle's answers. Even though I love a more full cut full coverage panty than is currently made by Simone Pérèle I can not help but love the exquisite floral lace, embellishments and share the love for fabrics. I thoroughly enjoy window shopping the Simone Pérèle website, and may yet treat myself to some of their lovely lingerie.