A Pop of Neon

Monday, July 08, 2013

{ T.Babaton Dress, BCBGeneration Clutch, H&M Necklace & Ring, Wilfred Belt, Michael Kors Booties & Watch and Tiffany & Co. Bracelet }

Israel brought up something that I've been thinking about in the back of the head. He said "Do you think that people who instant click have met in a previous life?"

I've started to wonder if that's' true - if in a past life or a different dimension that you've met this person and somehow knew you were suppose to be together. When I first met Israel, he just seemed like someone I wanted to be a part of my life - he made me laugh, he was kind, and we just seemed to instantly get along.

Just the thought of him being someone special in my past life or in a dimension makes it seem so magical. Maybe in each life I live - whether I remember or not - I'm meant to be with him. Maybe each life I'm suppose to make my way to him because he's my soul mate and my other half. I hope in my other lives that I met him each and every time...

- Cassie Paige Tejada


  1. I love the pop of neon all over, you look great cassie.


  2. That's a cute dress!


  3. Totally in love with the combination of this pale gray with the neon!

  4. wow lovely look! shall we follow with facebook and bloglovin?