How to Pick a Matching Wedding Band for Her Engagement Ring

Saturday, January 21, 2017
"I like wearing my wedding ring, it's nice."
- Jerry O'Connell


He finally proposed! At last, you are engaged! After the big surprise question, happy tears, and a big kiss, you said YES! (obviously!). And now, whether that wait was short or long for you, the build-up and anticipation to the moment that you got to slip your sparkly, stunning rock onto your engagement finger is over. Now, you’re part of the “newly engaged” club, and you have the best ring ever to prove it.

Next, you find yourself telling your fiancé that you cannot wait to see what the wedding band looks like – and that’s when you notice a fleeting moment of panic wash over him. Hesitantly, he asks if that was something he was supposed to think about and buy as well.

In all honesty, a lot of guys don’t realize that a lady should get two rings, not just a great big rock of an engagement ring from Melbourne’s finest source of jewellery at Simon West Fine Jewellery! So, once you have fitted that engagement ring to your finger, it’s time to find a matching wedding band.


Hunting for a Wedding Band That Matches the Engagement Ring

You may scour the malls looking for something, sliding rings on and off her finger in the hope that something magically matches.

In frustration, you may end up choosing any ring, after all, you can’t try on rings all day when there is a wedding to plan for, and you can’t stand all the sales staff chatter at the stores. But, just like buying the all-important engagement ring, you should not rush into making a decision about a wedding band. These special rings are going to be the staple jewellery she wears, admires, and reminisces over for the rest of her life, so you will want her to love her wedding ring for a long time to come.

Different Wedding Band Styles

Trying to find the right match for the love of your life can be somewhat of an arduous task. However, there are a couple different styles of wedding bands to choose from:

  • Both bands have diamonds – with this style, the wedding band diamonds should be bigger than the engagement band’s diamonds or vice versa if she prefers.
  • Wedding band sets that are made to be together – these rings will seamlessly fit together with matching diamonds or a matching metal type that are all the same size and shape all around the length of the bands.
  • One metal band and one diamond band – why not consider a style that has all diamonds that goes with an engagement band made from metal? This makes for a highly-individualized look that seems to be growing in popularity.


Don’t Forget the Guy’s Wedding Band

Finally, you’ll want to hunt for your guy’s wedding band, too, and this can be tons of fun, especially if you decide to leave an element of surprise where you get to make the final selection for him. You may want to choose a matching wedding band or something very similar to yours, even something completely different that suits his personality – the choice is yours! For an extra-special touch, you can have it engraved with a special message.

Do you have more thoughts on how to match the wedding ring band with the engagement ring? Let me know by writing them down in the comments!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


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