Fleurs de Villes

Friday, April 21, 2017
"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."
- Gerard De Nerval

Fleurs de Villes Floral Mannequin Series at Southgate Centre

Fleurs de Villes at Southgate

I was lucky enough to be invited to Fleurs de Villes' Floral Mannequin Series at Southgate Centre! It is a five-day event taking pace that exhibits top local Edmonton florists paired with brands to create floral dresses and bring the mannequin to life!

It is honestly one of the most stunning events to be seen and it is the first of it's kind in Canada. If you live in Edmonton, the show is on between April 19-23 at Southgate Centre during regular mall hours! So make sure you stop by and don't forget to vote for your favorite for a chance to win exclusive prizes! And if you have a chance, take lots of pictures and hashtag your photos with #FDVSouthgate

And make sure you try to stop by on Saturday, April 22, as Southgate Centre will have an all-day long pop up flower market - you can buy fresh cut flowers, bouquets and much more!


Floral Mannequin Series

Honestly, this event was beyond amazing. To see each artist's designs and techniques was beyond amazing. The ideas and artistic side of it is just amazing because let's be honest, someone like me could never do something like that! And the photos I have here don't even do the mannequins justice. The one that I really loved (and wish I got a photo of) was the mannequin of a mother. It was just touching to see that someone saw a pregnant mother as beautiful to recreate with blooming flowers. But hey, don't listen to me - definitely head to Southgate Centre and check them out for yourself and just fall in love with all of them!


Fleurs de Villes & Southgate Centre

Fleurs de Villes was established in 2015 by Karen Marshall Ducommun and Tina Barkley. Fleurs de Villes creates amazing floral events that try to connect community and nature together such as this Floral Mannequin Series and pop up floral markets. Visit them at Fleurs de Villes and check out their Instagram at @fleursdevilles

Southgate Centre features 165 stores, including unique stores like Crate & Barrel, LEGO and Restoration Hardware. In it's elevated, upscale environment, Southgate Centre attracts the best and brightest of Edmonton's fashion and is committed to elevating Edmonton's retail.

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel