Messy Bun

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
"When in doubt ... messy bun!"
- Tres Stylist, Tyler Laswell

Outfit of the Day
Top from Marshalls | Zara Jeans (similar)
Stuart Wetizman Heels(here)

Messy Bun

This has been my go-to hair for a while now. I've been getting so lazy to do anything with my hair. Especially now that it's getting hotter outside, all I want to do is put my hair up and not worry about it! It's just so easy - except that it probably puts a lot of stress on my delicate hair! It's probably a good idea not to wear my hair like this so often.

Outfit of the Day

New Hair Styles

I need some quick and easy hairstyles for the lazy ass! Something that will take my a few seconds and then I can be out the door! I try to tie my hair in a low bun which I feel like puts less stress on my hair but I dunno, sometimes it just looks messy? Why can't hair just be easy. Maybe I should just chop my hair off .... I think Iz would disown me.

Outfit of the Day

I need to start waking up earlier to take better care of my hair. I'm such a lazy ass though ...

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. Arrasou lindo look amei as imagens, obrigado pela visita.

  2. I can relate - with the weather warming up long hair can be a problem. Your hair looks great in a messy bun. Please don't cut your hair!!! I really like the color.