YEGBOX Sparkle Box

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
"We need to preserve our neighborhoods, our small business, our local economy."
― Maria Semple

YEG Gifted Sparkle Box (here)

Thanks to the team at YEG Box, I was able to receive my very own box, which was that spark box! And the box had such cute goodies in it, which are local products - so everything was created by all local artists!


Melt Confections

So in this YEG Box, there was a small batch of cute, Melt Confection. They came in opposites of mostly black with a little bit of white and vice versa! And on each of the confections, they covered in a gold fold. These are so sweet yet so delicious, I almost didn't want to eat one because they were too pretty! These confections are part of their Studio Collection and each curated collection is unique, with a colour palette and aesthetic inspired by the things that creators see in everyday life.


Farm Wife Style and Plantiful

I loved my bracelet from Farm Wife Style. My box contained a cute, little, gold bangle with the ends having honeycomb ends and one side has a bit of sparkle on it! This bracelet comes from the Katherine collection! As for the Plantiful Detoxifying Bath and Body oil which helps to hydrate and repair your skin! The body oil contains a blend of anti-inflammatory & detoxifying herbs such as plantain, juniper berry, dandelion, and lemon which help to stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic systems


Jacek Chocolates

The last item I got was another set of sweets (which is great because I have a huge sweet tooth) from Jacek Chocolates. In my box, I received the Classic Collection which contained an assortment of 6 decadent chocolates; Atomic Orange: Orange & vanilla bean in a creamy white chocolate ganache, Coconut Meltaway (vegan): Silky dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic with coconut oil. Dark Chocolate: Classic dark chocolate truffle made with cacao beans from Costa Rica, Milk & Maple: Milk chocolate kissed with maple, Vibrant Raspberry: Raspberry purée woven though milk chocolate, in a dark shell and a Milk Chocolate: Decadently creamy, a classic milk chocolate truffle.

Thank you YEG Box for such giving me such a wonderfuk box! So does that make you want your own YEG box?! Well I'm giving one away on Instagram to my YEG readers/followers! So head over there now, to enter!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel
Disclosure: I was sent a YEGBOX dress for review, but all opinions are my own.


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  3. This is so cute and those chocolates look yummy.



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