Wednesday, October 30, 2019
"Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you. It's a reference mark. Perfume makes silence talk."
― Sonia Rykiel

Beauty Vera Wang Princess Perfume c/o (here)

Vera Wang Princess

When it comes to perfumes, I love the smell of sweeter and floral perfumes! And that's why the Vera Wang Princess was my go-to perfume when I was younger! It is such a youthful, floral and sweet perfume that's not too strong of a scent! It's the perfect everyday perfume if you love floral and sweet perfumes! I guess you could say it's fit for a Princess *funny mom joke* ...


Buying perfume isn't always a joyful thing. Sometimes it seems like an expense that is more of a want than a need, and I get that! I mean, to spend $80 on perfume is a little ridiculous.

But you know what's not ridiculous? Buying you're perfumes from They are a Canadian company that has been in the whole industry for 15 years - bringing you wholesale perfume prices direct to you and your home!

Even better part? They're having a sale on right now until November 3rd - if you spend over $70, you can save 5% and if you spend over $250, you can save 10% (AND then even have free shipping if you spend over $39)!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and splurge on yourself, or even better, start you Christmas shopping early and save some $$!

Beauty Beauty

So if you want the best bang for your buck, head over to and grab your favourite go-to perfume!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


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