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Friday, December 15, 2017
"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time "
– Linden Tyler

Derma E Very Clear Line (here)

Thanks to Derma E for allowing me to try out their Very Clear product line. I'm honestly the worst person when it comes to using products for a nightly/morning routine. Usually, I'll just face my face with whatever face cleaner I've gotten at the drugstore. But these products here kept my skin feeling clean and fresh!


Acne Scrub

Usually if I use a facial scrub, it's the St. Yves Apricot scrub. I've used it since I was in junior high and Israel uses this one too (so I just steal his so I don't have to buy my own!). But the Derma E facial scrub is a step up from the St. Yves one. And I'm in love. Especially with the fact that the scrub contains salicylic acid. Anything with salicylic acid was my best friend growing up. I had the worst forehead acne and all those salicylic acid gel products kept my acne in check - it didn't make it go away but it definitely kept it in check.

I found the Derma E Very Clear scrub to be more refreshing than drying. My skin tends to feel very dry and rough after using a facial scrub. It did feel a little rough but my cheeks area is usually pretty sensitive. But after I rinsed off the product, my skin felt clean and refreshed. And it was nice to have the refreshing feeling in my cheeks!


Acne Cleanser

The Derma E Very Clear cleanser had a warning in the back, stating that this product could make your skin feel very dry. It suggested using the product once a day to see how well your skin could handle the salicylic acid and if it was causing your skin to dry out too much. I didn't seem to have that problem (but I think it was because I always ended up putting on the moisturizing cream after I was done!). When I was younger and using the Clean & Clear salicylic acid gel, I found my skin would be very dry and would end up peeling and flaking off so I was very nervous with using this product initially. But after a couple uses and applying the moisturizing cream right after, I never had any dryness problems with this product! So I decided that this product would be my Cetaphil replacement!


Moisturizing Cream

This product from Derma E Very Clear was probably my saving grace from dryness or breaking out after using the first 2 products. The problem that I have with most moisturizers is that, they always leave me feeling greasy. And having to fall asleep with a greasy face is uncomfortable. But the Derma E Very Clear moisturizing cream gave my face enough moisture keep it from drying out from the cleanser but enough to make it comfortable enough to go to sleep without feeling like a deep-fried pickle.

I'm always so skeptical when trying new facial products. If a product reacts negatively with my skin, I will break out like crazy so I usually don't try to stray too far from the products I currently use. But the Derma E Very Clear line helped my skin! I tend to break out mostly on my upper lip, but thanks to the products above, I have yet to see any breakouts! So make sure to check out their products and try them out for yourself!

- The Cassie Paige

Disclosure: I was sent these Derma E Very Clear products for review, but all opinions are my own.


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