Alone Time

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
"By all means use some time to be alone."
― Edward Young

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Alone Time

It's not very often that I get some time all by myself - and to be truthfully honest, I would rather not have alone time, I would rather be spending my time with Israel! BUT when I do get a day off by myself, I'm the biggest homebody EVER. I love to sit in front of the TV and just binge watch a TV show until I fall asleep for a nap! I may sound like a child, but it's the most relaxing thing I ever do for myself! I mean, I could probably find something that's a little more productive that's just as relaxing but I'm a big TV show kinda person. I love watching new shows and investing in that show - I get an attachment to it.

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Real Talk Though

It is very rare that I have days where I can sit around and watch TV. And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned why on my blog before but if Israel is off with me, we've almost always got something we have to do or plan on doing! If Israel is not, I try to spend my time with my family! If I happen to be staying home, then I do work around the house and snuggle my dog baes as much as I can. And if by chance, I don't happen to have to do any of the above, that's when I get to have some me time and plop myself on the couch and watch whatever I feel like watching at that moment.

Sometimes I feel like a real fat ass because I've wasted my day doing such useless things but really, how often do I get that? I'm pretty sure I've earned a whole day to sit around and do absolutely nothing, right!? I mean, yes, I'm sitting in bed right now writing this blog post and that should be relaxing but it's not because I have to actually put thought into my posts, edit my photos and make sure I finish in enough time to have it ready to post for my "posting day" (which to be honest again, has been lacking - sorry!) and make sure I'm done early enough to make up early enough to go to work. I just like not having to worry about a thing when I'm invested in a show.

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What do you like to do during your "alone time"? Are you a homebody like me or do you prefer to be keeping yourself busy?! Let me know!

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- The Cassie Paige
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  1. Your alone time sounds delightful - and in fact I too am a homebody - reclusive in fact, and will often binge-watch TV shows on NetFix.
    I love that dress - it's very pretty and your light blue denim jacket looks great worn with it. Your hair and perfectly applied lipstick look beautiful. I love your outfit photos.

  2. love this chic and clean look!