Thursday, October 22, 2020
"A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them."
― Victor Hugo

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Before Vida came, we were deciding what kind of camera we should get for Vida. We currently have the Nanit for DK but had some concerns about the camera. I was lucky enough to partner with Miku and we now have the Miku set up and ready for Vida!



  • No subscription fees. Unlike other smart baby monitors, the Miku does not charge you for any insights or analytics! Which is amazing because having a baby is not cheap! So to have these insights without a cost is amazing!
  • No wearables or extra items needed to track breathing. Some monitors require additional equipment or wearables to track breathing but the Miku uses radio waves to track a baby's breathing. Vida would struggle with this and she's really hard to swaddle and we can only use a certain type of swaddle for her!
  • Installation was easy and came with everything you needed to install it. The package came with literally everything you needed to install the camera. It had a screwdriver, self-drilling wallmount anchors, covers to hide the camera wire and leave a clean look, a level to make sure the camera was installed straight and all the small hardware!
  • It has a wide variety of sounds and songs to play to put the baby to sleep. I love that there is a wide selection of songs and souns to play to help keep baby asleep at night! Our Nanit is very limited, there is only about 5 sounds to play on the Nanit.
  • It was a modern and great looking camera. The camera is a beauty! I love that it's so modern looking and fits right in with our home!
  • The app runs in the background so you can always hear your baby. I sometimes forget to turn on my Nanit app or when my phone is on Power Saving Mode, it turns off and I'm not able to watch DK. With the Miku, it runs in the backgroud, so I can hear Vida regardless if the app is open on my phone or not. I haven't noticed an issue in regards to battery on my iPhone for for Iz' Samsung, we definitely noticed a difference.



  • You can't zoom in and out. I love that with our Nanit, we can zoom in and out of DK's face to make sure he is actually asleep. I'm sure Miku will be able to add this feature to their software!
  • It drained the battery on Iz' phone. When the app was downloaded on Iz' phone, his battery was only lasting him a few hours. When we checked what was draining his battery, the Miku used 200% of his battery life! I fortunately have an iPhone and didn't have that issue what so ever.
  • When the camera loses connection, I have to unplug it to get the video to work. It's probably the biggest issue I have with the camera. Our internet has been cutting out lately - our internet provider issue - the Miku has a hard time reloading the video. The only way I've been able to get it to reconnect is unplug the camera and plug it back it. But since then, it's been working 100%.


Overall, the Miku is a great camera! The pros of the camera greatly outweigh the cons, especially when the camera is connected and we don't have any internet issues! It's an amazing product and has been working amazingly for us! If you would like a comparsion blog on the Nanit vs the Miku, let me know and I would be willing to give you my opinion and comparsion on both!

Disclaimer: I was provided this baby monitor for free in exchange for my honest experience with Miku. All opinions are my own.

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- The Cassie Paige


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