All White Tones

Thursday, June 13, 2013
{ Zara Skort, Top & Shoes, Wilfred Blazer, Michael Kors Watch, H&M necklace - borrowed from Eskye and Tiffany & Co. Bracelet }

I've seriously been so lazy to blog - sorry! The weather hasn't been that nice, I've been caught up watching Sailor Moon (I know, cute right?) and just hanging out. I love having the free time and being able to relax! I haven't done it in a while - even though I don't really do anything now ... hopefully I'll get back into it! I do love blogging!

- Cassie Paige Tejada


  1. clean white hues <33

  2. Amazing Post!!!Lovely Blog!!!!I'm Your New Follower!!!!

    Chiara <3

  3. U are rockin the skort Cassie! How about followin eachother? Lemme know! Xoxo