Black & White Again

Friday, June 14, 2013
{ Dynamite Cropped Top, Wilfred Blazer, Twik Skirt, Michael Kors watch & heels and House of Harlow Necklace }

I seriously can barely move in this skirt! I can barely walk up stairs, take big steps, or get in the car! But that's okay! The things girls are willing to do for fashion right? As soon as I saw this skirt in Simon's I wanted it so it's my fault for not trying it on before buying it! I hate trying on clothes though - it's so difficult. You have to take off everything then put something on, then take it off just to put back your clothes again! I'm the type of person who's buy it and if it doesn't fit oh well. I'm really bad for that.

- Cassie Paige Tejada
Photos by Israel


  1. Great look! Love your stripe skirt and awesome heels!

  2. i love the skirt! so cute


  3. Thanks for your nice comment!
    Great outfit, the skirt is so cool!
    Following you now too :)

    xx Su

  4. I'm totally like you too! I HATE trying things on in store! I'd rather buy, bring it home to try then bring it back if it really doesn't work out, haha. Love the heels!

    1. Haha most people think I'm crazy when I don't try stuff on! & thank you!

  5. Yeah im not too much liking of put on the clothes before buying hhee.. Lovely skirts anw :)

  6. This skirt is adorbs. I would buy it too even if it was uncomfortable!

    I invite you to check out my blog.

  7. you look stunning Cassie.
    beautifully styled outfit
    love Vikee

  8. Hey Cassie! Thanks for the follow! Ofcourse im followin u too on twitter and gfc! Let's stay in touch xoxo

  9. Thank you for the encouraging comment!

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