Accident Prone

Friday, December 23, 2016
"I'm not clumsy, I'm just accident prone."
― Daniel Radcliffe

Mackage Jacket from Aritzia (here) | Zara Dress
Stuart Wetizman Boots (here) - Borrowed from my Sister | Earrings (here) c/o of Montana Silversmiths


You may not notice but in these photos I'm not wearing my wedding rings. And that's because I had the worst experience with them. If you didn't see my Instagram story last week, well you're lucky you didn't see my finger!

I woke up last week in super early because in my dreams my hands were starting to get swollen and of course, when I woke up, my left hand was swelling like CRAZY! And I know, you thinking, so what? But I'm that person that goes to sleep with my rings on ... so of course with my hand swollen and wearing my rings to sleep, my rings were pretty stuck on. So me, trying to be all smart and clever, I tried to make the swelling go down with some cold water and ice. I did this for about 10 minutes and I started feeling like my circulation in my finger was getting cut off, so I panicked and managed to take off my first wedding band (and I have two from Israel because we're celebrating our marriage twice) while ripping off some skin. And when the engagement ring came off, more skin came off. It was just bad. There was blood, skin loss and so much pain. So when it came to my second wedding band, I decided I couldn't take the pain and had to get the ring cut off.

It was a sad and painful time and I'm so glad that my rings are currently getting resized. My finger is also healing very nicely, it's just super dry around where my skin is healing!

Walking Disaster

I feel like I'm a walking disaster. I have a lot of shit that happens to me ... my tire goes flying off my rim while driving on the highway, I get locked out of my car even though my car should never lock with the keys inside and everything I own is in my car, I decided to hold my dog back in such an impractical way that he leaves the biggest bruise, I've dropped and broken the screen of my iPhone twice in 1 week ..... I mean there's so much more I could tell you that's happened to me. It's probably because I'm not the nicest person and it's the world telling me to be better or things like this will happen ........ I just don't seem to quite understand what the world is asking of me I guess. Oh well!

P.S I've been keeping these boots hostage from my sister because I'm obsessed with OTK boots! And look at how sparkly my earrings are still from Montana Silversmiths. I love these earrings so much!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. Great hair and pics :))

  2. The story about the rings sound so scary! Sorry that happened to you, but great photos girl!

  3. Girl it seems like the most awkward things always happens to me--it's like I cant catch a break either! But on the other side, you're looking cute :)

    <3 Raven
    Simple Sassy Sultry || Instagram