The Struggle is Real

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
"Know how to treat frostbite until you can get indoors. "
― Marilyn vos Savant

Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day
Babaton Coat from Aritzia (here) | Community Sweater from Aritzia
Stuart Wetizman Boots (here)

Winter Weather

I've recently been posting less and less and it's all because of the sudden weather change in Edmonton. Don't get me wrong, winters are usually super cold in Canada and I'm usually prepared (yeah right, who am I kidding...) but all of a sudden the temperature dropped and it's been so cold outside! And with the weather change, came winter depression. And on top of that, I've been having to find places to take photos indoors and it's such a pain.

Minus this great building that I found! Israel went exploring and decided to go to school because finals = schools being open late for the students studying. And I'm glad we decided to go here because we found some pretty great places to shoot!

Outfit of the DayOutfit of the Day

Killer Bruise

So you've probably noticed my huge bruise. But don't worry, nothing crazy just happened, just my crazy puppy! I was trying to hold him back when Israel's brother came over and he went ham and started trying to run away when I was holding him back. I should have known better especially because I was wearing a skirt when I was trying to hold him back. My child is crazy and can do some pretty crazy damage on a person. But he's such an angel, I can never stay mad at him!

Outfit of the Day

P.S These boots are on sale! If you've been wanting them - go get them now!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. Fantastic outfit:) Great coat and boots:)
    Have a nice day!

  2. Beijos 😘
    🎄 Lembrando que Tem post novo no ar! 🎄
    Blog A primeira Casa

  3. You look so fabulous

  4. Amazing! ❤

  5. Your hair and your outfit look beautiful! I love the look of the skirt, Community sweater from Aritzia and Babaton coat you styled together. I hope your bruise heals quickly. Love the photos.

  6. Gorgeous outfit :) Have a great day :)

  7. your always looking fab!!
    have a great weekend

  8. Wooow :) such an amazing outfit <3 I love How you wore those over-the-knees <3 so sexy and classy :)

  9. Your outfit is amazing!