Monday, July 10, 2017

"What I am is how I came out. No one's perfect and you just have to accept your flaws and learn to love yourself."
― Kelly Brook

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I feel like I've been going on a crazy rant about how I dislike certain things. But I am far from perfect and I know it. I've got my own flaws and I need to deal with and I sometimes I feel like when I rant, I act like I'm perfect. I'm pretty sure some people think the way I act is annoying, obnoxious and rude. And trust me, I know I am those things.

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My Flaws

There are a lot of things I need to work on. I have my downs which I know I should work on but just too darn stubborn to change. But sitting here and thinking about there, maybe I can be a little better and work on myself a little more. So here are a few things I would love to grow on.

  1. Stubbornness. I'm as hard headed as a rock. When I feel I'm right, I won't back down. When Israel and I get into a fight, I won't speak to him until I feel like it.
  2. I have a hard time apologizing first. It drives Israel nuts. And sometimes I know I should but I just get too worked up, especially when Israel and I argue that I can't. I become too stubborn and hope he says something to me first
  3. I watch waaaaay too much TV. This may not seem like a flaw, but it is. I know I should be doing other things that are more important - going to the gym, cleaning, playing with Berks - but instead, I sit on the couch and just watch TV. And I mean binge watch. I've watched The Office twice already this year and that's just this year alone.
  4. Too Blunt. I call it as I see it. Sometimes Israel tells me I'm too honest about things but I can't help it. I'd rather be blunt than tell a lie.

outfit outfit

Those are just the very few flaws I have. There are so much more I wish I could work on but let's take it one step at a time right?

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- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel

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  1. Loving your outfit, so true we have to love ourselves and our flaws wonderful post as encouraging words

  2. Great photos!


  3. Love this outfit.
    I really like that jacket :)

  4. Kudos for your unflinching self-analysis! I share 3 out of 4 of the flaws you listed and occasionally 4 out of 4. I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment that it is way better to be honest and blunt than to lie. One step at a time is excellent method for all manor of goals.
    You make that outfit look fabulous! I love the outfit photos and the settings for them - just please be extra careful whenever taking photos around railroad tracks! The Naked Zebra top, Zara blazer Vest and Levi's denim shorts all go together beautifully.