Crash Hotel & Lionel

Monday, September 11, 2017
"People have allowed me into their homes, through my words and my music."
― Lionel Richie

Crash Hotel - Speaker Room

Crash Hotel

Crash Hotel was an amazing host and spoiled Israel and I with 2 tickets to Lionel Richie & Mariah Carey as well as a complimentary stay in their hotel! And let me tell you, Crash Hotel is like no other hotel I've ever seen.

A little history behind the amazing downtown Crash Hotel - the building was originally built in 1904 and was previously called the Richelieu Hotel. Over the years, the building kept being renovated starting off with 36 rooms and expanding to 73 with two other name changes before becoming Crash Hotel, an awesome spot to party, grab some drinks, play some old school games and crash for the night. It has survived 2 fires and both world wars. This building is a rock!


Speaker Room

When Israel and I checked in, we met with Allan and he told us a little bit about Crash Hotel. He told us that each room has their own story behind each design and in the room, we stayed in, each speaker was bought from Kijiji, eBay, CraigsList - wherever they could get a hold of speakers and each speaker had their own story. The wall of speakers was honestly something I've never seen in my life time and it was just so unique in its own way.

Allan also told us that the hotel has acquired all types of guest - guests that he never expected to stay. Being a hotel situated downtown and just blocks away from the Rogers Arena (where all hockey games and most concerts are held) it's definitely a prime spot to stay as you can walk to and from the arena without having to worry about parking of finding a way to get back home. That being said, they had guests they never would have expected to stay at Crash Hotel - seniors, people who weren't expecting a party hotel, etc. - stay but completely enjoy the hotel and its environment.

Overall, the room was quite nice! Considering the building was old, Crash Hotel did awesome renovating the rooms. The beds were super comfy, the washrooms were so chic and yet it still kept its history in the rooms by leaving details like the radiator. I was a little worried about sleep at night since Crash Hotel does have a lobby and Denizan Hall downstairs, and it is such a busy location after an event at Rogers, that it was going to be loud and hard to sleep - but not at all! You could barely hear the music and the beds were so comfy I just passed out!

The room was well stocked for a night of fun, which drinks from Fireball (which I love) to coke, to have your fix before heading out. They also have hangover pills set out, to help cure that morning hangover from a night out on the town! Everything in the room is so perfectly planned out from the start of your night, to waking up with a nasty hangover!


Lionel Richie & Mariah Carey

I was honestly super surprised to see the arena jammed packed with people. I didn't think this concert would be that packed as it was but MAN!! This place was packed - and it wasn't just people from Lionel Richie's time - there were young and old people there and it was just a sight to see! I think just having both Mariah Carey (for the younger crowd) and Lionel Richie (for the older crowd) just brought everyone together.

I sadly did not get any pictures from Mariah's set but let me tell you, it was WAAAAAAAAAY better than her New Years performance. She sounded amazing and killed all the notes in all her top songs! It was amazing to see such a great artist perform live.

Now let's talk Lionel .... I did not know very many songs going to this concert and Israel didn't know a single song, but having listened to them before going to the concert for days, made me enjoy his concert more than I thought I would. It's always so great to go to a concert and be able to sing along (or even hum along). Overall, I enjoyed myself. I love concerts, so to add another concert gone too on my list is okay with me!


Allan invited us to end the night but heading to Denizen Hall, a spot with old school arcade games, music, food and drinks - which we had previously visited a few months back - to enjoy a few drinks and good music but Israel and I were so tired - we headed sraight up to our room where Crash Hotel left us with a great bottle of end to wind down the night. It was honestly such a great night.

Photos from Explore Edmonton

Thank you Crash Hotel for hosting such a great night for Israel and I! Crash Hotel is definitely a unique hotel with a great party scene! If you decide to stay in Edmonton for to party, watch a hockey game/concert or just to have a good vacation, Crash Hotel is a great place to stay!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Crash Hotel but all opinions are my own.


  1. This place looks so cool! Loved seeing the photos!

    Have an amazing day!

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  2. The place looks so nice and it was great of them to give you guys tickets, thats wonderful