Meet My Family: Eskye aka Baby Sister

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
"I'm a middle child, and I have a younger sister who is stunning - just beautiful and smart."
- Stephnie Weir

Meet My Family Meet My Family
Eskye AKA Baby Sister

Fun Facts

Favorite Memory: I was joking around one day with her and I was pretending I was gonna kick her in stomach because she was laying on the floor. When I swung my leg, I kicked her in the stomach and knocked the wind out of her. I thought she was gonna flip out but she just started laughing.
First Memory: She was legit green when she was born, she scared the hell out of me. I thought she was an alien. She scared the crap out of me and I didn't even want to look at her.
Nicknames: Skank Butt, dumbass, stupid, etc.
Secret Skills: She's knowledgeable in things that most people wouldn't know. She watches and reads the most random things and sometimes she just knows these random. She's also become a pretty good cook. She could not cook for the life of her before I moved out.

Meet My Family


The Q&A's were literally the hardest part of these part for Eskye. She legit took forever and kept saying "I don't know what to put for this" ....

Go-to style inspiration: Clients who come into work or the street style in Harpers Bazaar
Latest purchase: My Stuart Weitzman ALLSERVE boots 😍
Favorite item of clothing: Either my leather jacket or my DECOR shoes ... Both!
Favorite clothing store: Aritzia and Zara
Favorite clothing brand: This one's a toughie...I would have to say anything by Wilfred at Aritzia or Wildfox (just because I love all the phrases on their sweaters!)
Must-have fashion item for the summer: Must-have fashion item for the fall: Over the knee boots and tons of knitwear
Biggest fashion disaster: My scene kid years (yowza...)
Most comfortable outfit: Culottes and a crop top
Most uncomfortable outfit: Turtle necks that choke the s**t out of me

Meet My Family

Another Meet my Family post done! I love doing these, they are little insights into my life and the people most important to me.

- The Cassie Paige

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