Monday, January 22, 2018
"When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching -- they are your family."
― Jim Butcher

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As I grow older, I feel like I get a little bit closer to my family each year. And it's a feeling that is soothing to the soul. When I was younger, I thought I was close to my family but it was never really the same feeling as it is now. I said my hellos and goodbyes in passing and always thought that was good enough. But to be able to be on a personal level with your family is a feeling that I'm so grateful for. Don't get me wrong, there are times when someone in my family will annoy me or make me angry, but it never gets to the point where I can't shrug it off and forget about it.

It's a strange feeling to have because I always used to feel like my family was so dysfunctional, but sometimes dysfunctional works and sometimes that's what you need to make you feel closer together. I am beyond grateful for my family - my husband, my Barko, parents, sisters - all of them, and my in-laws (sometimes I feel like I never say it enough, but thank you for being there).

Growing up, I wasn't always the easiest. I always felt like I was being pushed to be someone I didn't want to be and sometimes I did things I wish I could take back. But I've learnt that I wasn't being pushed to be someone I didn't want to be, I was being pushed to my limits because my family believed in me. And it's things like that, when you're younger you can't see. And sometimes I didn't get the freedom I wish I had when I was younger - like having to always go straight home from school because I had to watch my younger sister - too being that sister who basically wanted nothing to do with her when I had to freedom. Yeah, we laugh about it now, but she must have been devastated at the moment. It's things like that I look back on and feel glad that I've grown from that and learned to love my family for who they are rather than to wish them to see it my way.

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My Family

I hope that one day, when Israel and I have our own family, my kids will be able to love Israel and I, even with our flaws. I hoppe I can see past their mistakes and be able to love them even when they are wrong because that is what I've learned. And as much as I am scared to start a family, the feeling of excitement is starting to stir up inside of me. I can't wait to have a family and start growing our little Sanchez family for ourselves.

My heart feels so big thanks to my family - I have a husband who will go to the ends of the world for me, parents that I can have honest conversations with, my younger sister is basically my best friend, and I feel whole when I am able to see my family together. And I want to be able to keep filling my heart with love and joy with little mini Sanchez'

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I am beyond grateful for my family and everythign all of them do. Even if they're not always there or not always present, I am still grateful to have them in my life. My life wouldn't be the way it was if I didn't have all of them in my life.

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