35 Weeks In

Sunday, April 07, 2019
"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation."
― Pamela S. Nadaw

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I'm Ready Whenever You Are

I am only be 35 weeks but I'm ready for DK whenever he's ready. This body of mine is struggling to keep up for both of us. It's a little harder to breathe, a little harder to get around anywhere and all I want to do is take a nap during the day. I'm hungry all the time but I need a nap as soon as I'm done eating and my feet are so swollen at this point, that they hurt. Just sitting here and typing this, I can feel my feet throbbing.

I'm struggling to find clothes to wear, I've been basically shifting between like 5 dresses to wear for work because things I bought maybe 2 weeks ago, no longer fit me now. And wearing shoes with swollen feet, it's just so uncomfortable. My feet sometimes look like they are 5x bigger and it's crazy. I also haven't been able to wear my wedding rings and it's honestly so saddening. I'm so attached to my rings, it just reminds me of Iz and when I go and reach for it and it's not there, it breaks my heart just a little. It's a struggle and I can't wait to start my life with DK actually here.

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Getting Excited

When I first thought of DK coming, I had all this stress from what to expect, but I'm looking on the brighter side and I'm just so excited for him to be here! I can't to dress him up, play with him, snuggle him and get to wake up every day to his little face.

I have 1 week left at work, and while it's a sad ending (for now at least), it's a great start to a new beginning! I can't wait to relax a little before DK comes and get everything else finished before our little guy comes. It'll be a good time to finish cleaning up, packing my hospital bag, trying to gather myself and preparing for a new chapter in our life. April will be a little hectic as Iz is basically working all month with only 3 days off. So prepping for anything else will fall mostly on me. And if DK does decide to come early, it'll be a little tough to get a hold of Iz but I know, all in all, it'll be fine!

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Only 5 more weeks for my little guy (or less hopefully)! I can't wait to meet him!

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