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Thursday, October 09, 2014
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Zara Knit Sweater | Citizens of Humanity Jeans | Jimmy Choo Shoes
Michael Kors Watch & Purse | House of Harlow Necklace & Bracelet | Ray Ban Sunnies

I don't think I've purchased a pair of jeans in million year ... (three to be exact). I hate jeans. When I used to buy them, I struggled with the fit of them - being to baggy in the legs but too small for my waist and vice versa! Well three years later - my jeans then fit pretty good now! I've gained (a lot) of weight since I've met Israel - when we first started dating I was about 99lbs and now a whooping (~)120lbs. I do feel a lot more comfortable in my skin - everyone before used to call me anorexic and said I looked way too thin - it kind of made me feel terrible about myself! Now, I feel slightly chubby - it doesn't help that I eat out all the time, but it's better than everyone picking at my or calling me names. I should probably start hitting the gym though ... becoming more lean and fit. I just need the motivation .....

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. Love ur jumper!

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  2. Very nice look !


  3. a great and elegant combination!!

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