Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day
Wilfred Top | ONLY Joggers | Dynamite Vest
Manolo Blahnik Heels | Ray Ban Sunnies | Michael Kors Watch

I decided that I wanted to do one more post for I mean, how could one person base a whole vacation on one outfit!? This time I felt like outfit felt a bit more - Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood resort feel to it?! Why, you may ask?! When I think of Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood, I feel like they're more standout-ish outfits. I'm not saying that my outfit was very standout-ish for Vegas, but for Edmonton, it is. I happened to be wearing this outfit to a grocery store and I over heard some girls commenting, saying I was so over dressed for the grocery store. I did want to say - thanks, I like to dress up, even if I'm just going to the grocery store - but I'm not that outspoken.

Is it just me or do other YEG bloggers feel like a lot of fellow Edmontonians are very judgmental!? Maybe it's just people in general. It's probably just people in general ....

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. lovely photos !


  2. Super cute outfit! Wish it was warm enough to wear that right now! :)

    House of Illusions