Monday, July 02, 2018
"I'm not sure I'm a good cook. But I like cooking, and it's a real family thing - an expression of love being together."
― Genevieve O'Reilly

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Take Out Addicts

Cooking at home has been a real struggle for Israel and I. It always seems like we're too busy (or too hungry) to cook meals for ourselves. We've gotten into a real nasty habit of just going out to eat and buying whatever we feel like eating! And this isn't just once in a while, this is an everyday kind of thing! It doesn't seem all that crazy when you're doing it but thinking back on it, it's so outrageous!

Before Israel and I moved out, I remember cooking at home or eating mom's homecooked meals! Israel and I would still grab a bite to eat here and there but it wasn't every day! And when I did end up cooking, I enjoyed doing it because I enjoyed making a meal for others and watching them enjoy it - I even converted my sister back to eating meat because you couldn't resist my lasagna! And I baked on the regular too! I loved baking and making cupcakes and yummy goodness for others!

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Cooking at Home

Israel has been watching Quang Tran on the regular lately and his food always looks so damn good. And when he takes a bite into his homecooked meals, it just makes you want to copy that feeling and enjoy something like that yourself!

That being said, I've decided to try to start cooking more at home! I already bought a whole bunch of groceries, cooked up a hearty (late) breakfast and marinaded some chicken to dinner! I already have some other meal ideas for the rest of the week and I can't wait to start cooking more at home!

Hopefully I can squeeze in some baking, but that's a lot of cooking/baking to get done! And baking requires a lot of prep time. I also find it more stressful than cooking because you don't want to over/underbake something - it's so dissatisfying!

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With all that being said, I wish my hair every other day, what do you guys use to keep your hair from smelling like your food?! Real life problems ... I don't want to walk into work smelling like BBQ chicken (even though it'd be delicious, I'm sure people don't want to smell that)!

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