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Wednesday, July 11, 2018
"Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining ‘Blog’ is a fool’s errand."
― Michael Conniff

Babaton Blazer from Aritzia (similar/similar) | Wilfred Dress from Aritzia (similar/similar)
Armani Exchange Belt (similar/similar) | Jewel by Badgley Mischka Sock Boots (similar/similar)

Top 40

I got an email a few days ago with the subject "The Cassie Paige Blog in Feedspot Top 40 Edmonton Blogs" and I was just shocked! I've been featured a few times before (here & here) in articles, it's always an amazing feeling to be recoginzed for blogging, especially when it's not my full time job!

I love blogging and I love that it's such a fun hobby and passion. I remember the first post I made, I was so embarrassed and nervous. I wanted everyone to see my posts but not at the same time. I wanted to be able to showcase my outfits but hated the photos I took (timer and tripod times). I wanted to be heard but not judged.

Over time, I just learned to forget all the negatives that I (thought) came with blogging and just started to do it more and more. It's been such a blessing to have Israel support me with it and it's always so wonderful to be acknowledged for my work!

The Future of The Cassie Paige

As much as I would love to be able to be an influencer and blogger full time, I don't see that happening anytime soon. It's a terrifying thing to make that decision and drop everything I'm doing to work on my blog full time. And who knows, I might even hate doing it full time. It's just a lot at stake to take the plunge and I'm not that brave to make the jump!

For now, blogging as a hobby will have to do! And besides, I like what I do during the day! If I was at the place I was a year ago, it probably would have been easier for me to say "I hate my life right now, I could do blogging full time and try it" but I've got responsibilities and I'm not willing to change my lifestyle right now for something that's not a guarantee for me! Why change something good to be unsure about something else!

Ummmm .... and can I say I'm obsessed with these photos?! Iz and I haven't done like night time, night time photos (aka taking photos in the dark) because we've always been able to catch the sun but these photos turned out so good and I love them! My only issue though - the downgrade on the photos when I upload them on blogger! Should I take the plunge and switch to WordPress?! Is it worth it!?

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- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. I am not at all surprised to learn that your blog is in the Top 40 Edmonton Blogs. Your content is unique and real, and your outfit photos are always fabulous.
    Your nighttime outfit photos in this post are especially amazing - they're gorgeous! I'm amazed at how beautifully the colour of your pretty green blazer came out in them. Your lacy black dress is beautiful. I love the close-up of you in the last photo. Your hair, eyelashes and lipstick all look perfect - you look stunningly pretty.
    I like the locales you chose for your outfit photos.
    I really hope you will stick with blog having comments powered by Blogger. For some reason WordPress blogs tend to divert my comments into spam folders that many, many bloggers seem to never check for valid non-spam comments. I've have both a Blogspot blog and a WordPress blog . My WordPress blog couldn't tell real comments from spam comments, and I eventually disabled comments on it. To be fair, I disabled comments on my YouTube too. My Blogspot blog is the only one that seems to let valid comments through and stop the spam. I do check the spam folder regularly to make sure I don't miss any valid non-spam comments.

  2. That's exactly how I felt too you took the words right out of my mouth. Keep striving for greatness cassie you will get there and the night photos are so gorgeous I never knew nught photos would turn out so beautiful. I think you should take the plunge I did and trust me it's worth it

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