The Countdown

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
"Time was meaningless, except each moment was a countdown to the end."
― Lisa Henry

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The Countdown

It's coming closer and closer and there are still things that need to get done for Baby DK's arrival. We still need to get small things like newborn diapers, creams, powders, etc. I also have to start packing my hospital bag and I have no idea what to bring - I've Googled a list of stuff to bring but I get nervous just thinking about it. Maybe which is why I haven't started packing my hospital bag yet? I don't know ....

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I'm Scared

I don't want to push out Baby DK. The thought of it scares the hell out of me. I haven't 100% decided if I want to get an epidural or not, I'm scared of the pain or that he won't come out easily, I'm just scared of the whole fricken thing. One of the reasons I was scared to get pregnant was the thought of pushing out a baby. I don't think I have the pain tolerance for it, and I can't imagine the pain all women go through for it.

I just keep telling myself it'll be worth it when he comes, I just need to get over the idea of having to push him out. Hopefully, Iz doesn't faint on me in the delivery room. He's been just as nervous about the whole thing as I am.

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Mama's out there, I am so amazed that you were able to get through it, you are definitely my role models!

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