Saturday, July 04, 2020
"The best toys are 90 per cent kid, 10 per cent toy, with play fueled largely by the child's imagination."
― Josh Golin

Mercedes AMG GLC63 Electric Car (here)

DK & Cars

DK has become so facinated with cars, he loves making his "vroom vroom sound", always honking his horn and getting so intrigued with any cars that drive by while going for a walk! So it really only made sense for DK to get a car of his own!

Thanks to Aosom, they were able to gift DK his very own Mercedes AMG GLC63 electric car and he (and I) love it! It's great for taking him on walks and he just loves cruising around in it! And did I mention all the looks he gets?! He's just a little cutie in it! If Baby A loves cars just as much as DK, then we know exactly where we're going to be getting her her very own!



Aosom has a great selection of electric kid cars if the Mercedes AMG GLC63 electric car isn't your thing! They also carry other types of kid items - like furniture and games! They also carry so many other goodies - indoor and outdoor furniture, office suuples, pet supplies and so many other things! I've honestly been eye balling some ofthe outdoor patio furniture for our deck as we recently added a gazebo to help bring some shade in the backyard for DK!


Make sure to check out DK's Mercedes AMG GLC63 electric car at Aosom!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


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