10 Things Different About My 2nd Pregnancy

Saturday, April 25, 2020
"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child."
― Sophia Loren

10 Things 10 Things

Pregnancy #2

Okay, so I haven't written a blog post in forever, and if you didn't already know, we have Baby #2 due September 2020! We are more than excited to welcome a little girl this time around and we couldn't be happier! DK is going to make a great big brother! But I won't lie, this pregnancy has been completely different than with DK, so let's get down to what has been different!

One to Five

  1. Morning sickness was WAY worse. They say having a girl will bring a worse bout of morning sickness, and whoever figured that out was HELLA right. I thought some days I was going die from it. The good thing? It didn't last as long as it did with DK!
  2. I don't crave the same things. with DK, I always wanted something sweet, this time, all I want to eat is sushi (and no, I'm not eating it every day, I know I'm not suppose too ......) and rice! I was also really specific like I needed Apple Juice or Chocolate Milk. This time, I just eat whatever I want to eat.
  3. My body has grown differently. My first pregnancy, I lost a few pounds at first and gained it all slowly and, BAM, right at the end of my pregnancy, I was puffed up like a cream puff! This time, I lost a TON of weight and I'm mostly gaining the weight in my belly and boobs. Like my boobs having grown way bigger this time around that I'm in need of new bras ...
  4. My Belly is HUGE. I didn't start showing with DK until maybe 22-25 weeks? This time, you could tell I was pregnant from like week ...12. And at 19 weeks, I'm pretty big.
  5. I have WAY less energy. But that's probably because I know have a baby with a baby growing inside of me. So I can see why I'm always so tired.

10 Things

Six to Ten

  1. I'm at "by the book" as I was with my pregnancy with DK. I was paranoid with my first pregnancy. I made sure to sleep on the right side, try to eat way better, have way less coffee. This time, I still follow most rules but I cheat every so often. If I need coffee, I don't feel as guilty drinking it. If I'm uncomfortable sleeping on the left side, I'll just turn over. It's too stressful to worry about the little things.
  2. I felt her kicks really early. Feeling your baby kick for the first time is magical. And with DK, they didn't come until maybe 20 weeks? And they were super light, with Baby Girl, I noticed them at 13 weeks. I love it, it's like we're bonding with each other!
  3. I not as public and "share-y" with this pregnancy as I was with DK. A lot of that has to do with tiredness. But also, I'm busy spending my time with DK. I feel bad at times because with DK, updates were constant and "on time". But in this time, I mean with this pandemic, it's also kinda reasonably.
  4. It feels less stressful. And that's because of experience. With DK, Iz and I bought baby books, read up on everything and just tried to make sure we were doing everything "right". This time, right for someone, could be wrong for us and we just had to learn that with experience.
  5. Giving birth is constantly on the back of my mind. I didn't have the easiest of labours with DK. It was downright hard and scary, and I'm constantly thinking of all the pain I went through and it scares me! I don't ever want to go through that pain again. I wouldn't change it for the world because I got to hold DK right after, but the pain of it all still pretty much haunts me ...

10 Things

Honestly, when I was done being pregnant with DK, I told myself I couldn't do it again. It was too difficult, but here we are. And truthfully, I'm beyond excited to meet our little girl! She's what we needed for our little family!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


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