Juno - 30 Days

Monday, October 28, 2019
"Sleep is God. Go worship.”"
― Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Juno Juno King Mattress (here)

30 Days

So I'm a little behind on my 30 Day review on our Juno mattress! But I have to say, I'm loving this mattress!

The first few days were a little rough due to our king size pillows being WAY to big for me to sleep on! I'm a stomach sleeper, so our new pillows made it difficult to have a comfy sleep! But as soon as my pillows de-fluffed, I've been sleeping like a king!

I'm a light sleeper, so before we had this mattress, anytime DK would toss and turn, I would just instantly wake up. If Iz got up to go to work, I would wake up and have a hard time going back to bed. If Berks would pace back and forth in the middle of the night because he couldn't find a comfortable spot to sleep, I would have to get up to help him get to bed. And now?! I can sleep through most of it!

With DK's tossing and turning, it usually takes me a little longer to hear him tossing and turning, and I usually only ever fully wake up if he gets up crying because he's hungry! When Iz gets up to go to work, I only ever briefly wake up when his alarm goes off, and then I'm right back to sleep! And with Berks pacing back and forth, I barely notice his nails pattering on the floor and if he really needs me, he'll just come up to my side of the bed to wake me up!

Mia doesn't get a "spotlight" because she will sleep until she thinks I'm ready to get up and start the day, and if she wakes up before that, all I need to do is tell to her to go to her bed and she's right back asleep!


Overall Thoughts

As a light sleeper, being able to sleep through most of the things that used to wake me up, has been a life-changer. I feel well-rested on most days than not! And that's saying a lot with DK being here! Before DK, I would always, and I mean ALWAYS, needs a nap, and my naps aren't 30 minute quick naps! They are long-ass naps that are 2-3 hours long! And now, most days, even when DK is a little more of a handful, I can get through the day without a nap, and even stay up a little late to get blogging work done (or binge-watch a show)!

I have to say, our Juno mattress has been a sleep saver for me!


My experience withJuno has only begun but I'm already loving the outcomes! Can't wait to update you at 60 days!

Disclaimer: I was provided with this mattress for free in exchange for my honest experience with Juno and GoodMorning.com. All opinions are my own.

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. That Juno king-sized mattress looks like it is delightful to sleep on!
    I too am a stomach sleeper, and have been putting off getting a new pillow for the exact reason you related. It's great that yours is now de-fluffed! Your sleepwear looks comfortable.
    Best wishes for years of very pleasant dreams whilst sleeping on that Juno king-size mattress!


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