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Monday, April 22, 2013
Jewlery and Handbag
{ Aritzia Wilfred Sweater & BELT, Club Monaco Slip, MICHAEL Michael Kors Purse & Shoes and Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelets & watch }

For some reason my camera is taking distance pictures a little blurry. Maybe I should actually learn how to properly use it. I just switch settings from here to there and then when I think it looks decent of screen, my pictures don't come out the same. I hate reading manuals though - they're too long and boring and sometimes I can't even find what I'm looking for. Maybe I'm just a lazy person? Maybe I'm not tech savvy enough? Maybe I just need help with taking my photos!?

Maybe I'll just have to start asking someone for help with taking my pictures. Maybe my boyfriend - Israel - but he's been so busy with work lately. He does owe me a favor though since I had to call his eye clinic and then get yelled at because of him! People are so mean.....I'm just the messenger! I basically just asked if his contacts were in and when she answered the phone to let me know, she started giving me attitude, raising her voice at me and basically saying they talked to Israel and he said he was out of town. When I explained to her that he was never out of town, she just yelled at me. So I just gave up and when I told Israel, he phoned them back and the lady was nice to him!! What the .... seriously, this kinda stuff only happens to me...

{ Lollipop chicken wings, Corn dog 'puppies', Hell's fire chips, PEI mussels and lettuce wraps }

Aside from being yelled at, Gagan and I decided to be fatasses and order 5 appetizers for just the two of us. Even the waitress was surprised and said she needed to write down our order because she didn't think we'd order so much. How could you not though ... $6 appies at MKT!! The sad part was that the table next to us ordered just about the same amount of food but there was four of them .... Yup - just a typical Gagan and Cassie eating out kinda day ....

And can someone explain this to me?! Why would Dynamite make such an odd contraption!? The girl in the store told me I got a free bag with purchase and when she first handed it to me, I was thinking "no ... that's a wallet" but little did I know...and when I started to open it I couldn't stop laughing. It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I did actually see a girl using it and I felt embarrassed for her.

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