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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
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{ Aritzia Wilfred leather leggings, T. Babaton Fur Scarf, Community Sweater, MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes & Purse, Michael Kors Watch and House of Harlow necklace, bracelet and ring }

So I feel like I had to post as many posts as I did today because I did miss a post on Sunday. I just thought since I had the time today I could make up for lost time! I don't have too much to say since I did talk about my make up haul in the post before and I did update you guys on what happened yesterday!

I did also want to make another post because I really liked my outfit today. Thanks Eskye for letting me borrow your fur scarf! I think this outfit is good for our in between weather we still have .... spring just get your ass here so I don't have to suffer when I wear dresses and shorts .....

And now ..... The Shopping Haul Video! (You might notice I still have some of that Super Stay 24 Color on my hand. I did this video after washing my hands at least 5 times with exfoliating hand wash, taking a shower and a couple hours after I took the drugstore make-up haul pictures, - at least we know it lasts 24 hours .... )

- Cassie Paige Tejada


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