Drugstore Make-Up Haul

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
So I decided to do a post of the some of the drugstore make-up products I picked up!

{ L'Oreal Color Riche in Sunset Angora, L'Oreal Color Riche Serum in Luminous Amber and Maybelline Super Stay 24 in Eternal Sunset }

So I wanted to pick up so neutral colored lipstick and I came out with three almost identical colors. I didn't even realize this till I actually compared all three ... but that's okay because three products are a little bit different. My favorite out of the three is middle one. I believe in the center of the lipstick is almost like a chapstick product? The lipstick goes on smoothly with quite a bit of color and yet makes my lips feel so moisturized. The Maybelline Super Stay is actually a great product. It does basically what it says. I tried to wash off the product three times and even took a shower and the color was still left on my arm! I haven't had a chance to try it on my lips but I'm gonna assume if it's stayed on my arm this long - even after trying to wash it off a couple times - it's gonna stay on my lips! The first one is probably my least favorite, it's a bit sheer and I do like my lipsticks to have a prominent color. I won't complain though, it doesn't make my lips feel dry like some brands do!

{ The Super Stay 24 after a couple hours and quite a few washes and scrubs! }

So the next thing I got was this Maybelline Fit Me! I did buy it in a darker shade because I am planning to use it when I tan (which I plan to do soon - as you can tell my skin is very pale). It doesn't feel too heavy on and seems you need little for a good area coverage. I do feel like I will need a water resistant primer like Smash Box's but that's okay I usually where the Smash Box Photo Finish primer in the summer just for the reason that my face always feels so oily in the summer! Hopefully this is the right color for when I do tan!

{ GOSH Hot Flamingo Waterproof liner & Quo Pearl Eye Liner }

So I last couple things I picked up were these two eyeliners. I just thought both together would be cute! Especially since it's actually starting to feel like spring now! I love purple eyeshadows and eyeliner for the spring! It reminds me of flower blooming!


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