Blogging a New Way

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I've been in dire need of upgrading my blogging technology. I've been using an old PC computer that has had it hard drive in whack for years!! I've always wanted a Mac Book but at the same time I couldn't justify spending $1000+ on it when honestly, I don't blog very often. And I mean what else would I use it for? So instead, I did the next best thing and got myself an iPad Air 2 and keyboard that was compatible with it! I mean it's, not PC or computer but I'm pretty sure it'll get the job done most of the time for me!

So far, it's been quite good to me. I mean, this is my first blog post with it so I guess I'll have to see a few weeks down the road and see if it was even a good investment for me. I just felt it was a Bette purchase for me - I mean I can go to bed and have it on my lap without it burning me, it's a lot smaller and compact, so it makes it easier to carry and all I really do on m spare time is watch Netflix, so this has to be fine right?/

Is it just me or does it sound like I'm trying to justify it?

- The Cassie Paige

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