Lights, Camera, Action!

Saturday, October 01, 2016
"It was lights, camera, action!"
― Terry Gilliam

Outfit of the Day
Mackage Florica Jacket from Aritzia (here) | Babaton Turtleneck from Aritzia (here) | Wilfred Free Skirt from Aritzia (similar)
Manolo Blahnik Heels (here) | 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Purse (here)


So Israel and I recently invested in a new lens for our camera, mostly because Israel has recently got into using Instagram for posting pictures of his car! Well, when we read and decided what lens to buy, we didn't know how to use the lens at all. We did't understand what settings to use, what mode to be on, if we needed a tripod, and all these terms and meanings with photography were just over our head.

So please bear with me while Israel and I experiment with our new lens for our camera. Israel has been really into taken mostly night shots, so we've been having to learn what works best for nights as taking photos during the day were so much easier! These photos on this post here were actually taken with two different lens and different settings, so as you'll notice, the photos don't have the same feel, colour, warmth, etc. because we're learning what settings work best!

Outfit of the Day


Lightening is everything when it comes to photos. We didn't realize how much and how little you needed when it came to taking night shots. It was hard taking photos at this location because there were so many different spots with different amounts of lightening. So Israel was constantly changing the settings to try to get good photos, which is why the photos look so different from each other.

Outfit of the Day


Now that the weather is getting colder, it's getting harder to take pictures, especially when I'm trying to hold in how cold I am! My face looks like I'm depressed and unhappy but really I'm just dying from the cold. I wish I took more photos in the summer and blogged more, it always seems like I blog more in the winter.

Outfit of the Day

Winner Winner Winner

And now for the congratulations to my winner of my giveaway!

Congratulations to Rachel Travis!!!

I'm hoping I'll be hosting more giveaways, so don't be discouraged and thank you to everyone who entered!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. It's so difficult taking photos at this time of year, I'm always freezing!! Love your outfit XX

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  2. Absolutely love your skirt! Great outfit!

  3. Perfect outfit. I love your blog.

    Thank you for a beautiful comment on my blog and I am follow you now on GFC. <3