How to Style: A Growing Belly

Monday, January 14, 2019
"I think the best thing about being pregnant would definitely have to be seeing just my belly grow and seeing, like, wow, there is, you know, something inside of me."
― Tia Mowry

How To Style Sans Souci Tweed Jacket from Envy (similar/similar)
Little Moon Slip from Aritzia (similar/similar)
Jewel by Badgley Mischka Boots (here) | 3.1 Phillip Lim Purse (here/here)

A Growing Belly

A growing belly isn't really a trend I ever imagined I had to style but truthfully, I enjoy it! And I can say that I probably only enjoy it because I have a human growing inside of me! But it's not always fun and games especially when trying to style my baby belly with current pieces of clothing in my closet! I mean, I wore a dress on Christmas that seemed to fit just fine at the time, to find out that 2 weeks later, it now is an extra mini dress which did not sit right on my belly.

How To Style How To Style

How I Styled It

I've been wearing mostly dresses the last week and that's because the current pants I have don't fit very well. My leggings are too tight around my belly area and my baggy pants seem to sit right on my belly and tend to fall down during the day and sit too low. And don't get my wrong, I love wearing dress and skirts over pants but I'm always so cold, especially at work that sometimes I would rather wear pants!

For the most part, I wear dresses that have a higher waist line, that way, the waist line sits above my belly and somewhat masks my belly from the size it actually it. And most of my dresses have been more flowy feeling dresses, anything too tight makes me feel uncomfortable and I'm not comfortable wearing bodycon dresses to show off my baby belly.

Other than that, I've been pretty much styling my outfits the same way I would if I wasn't pregnant! Except, I've given up on wearing heels and have been wearing flats almost all the time!

How To Style How To Style

What was your go to outfit/style while being pregnant? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You are glowing in this outfit! Looks great, xx

    ASTADEK blog

  2. You look beautiful! The Aritzia Little Moon Slip, Sans Souci Tweed jacket and black leggings look fabulous styled together. It just occurred to me that I should probably try some shopping in stores that carry maternity fashions - I LOVE empire-waisted blouses and dresses.

  3. I am 36 weeks and can totally understand what you are going through! My staples are a dress with a scarf and an overcoat over it!

  4. This was lovely, thanks for sharing this

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