Friday, October 21, 2016
"There are infinite shades of grey. Writing often appears so black and white."
― Rebecca Solnit

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Shades of Clothing

I've said this more than once but wearing black, white and greys are my life. It's rare when you see me out of natural colour scheme - especially when it's my entire outfit! The only two times I can actually think of when I wasn't wearing black or white was my Little Miss Pink post and my Train Hopping post, but even than, I was still wearing grey boots and a grey purse in Little Miss Pink one and neutrals in Train Hopping. I even tried to prove myself wrong by going back a few posts to see what I actually wore.

Outfit of the DayOutfit of the Day

Fuck It

But, fuck it. Who cares if I don't wear very much colour. Who's to judge me right? I can whatever I want, whenever I want and it should bug people.

When I first started dating Israel, I started to wear high heels more often because I could - he's taller than me and I wouldn't feel like a giant next to him (and he liked me in heels better!) but people would always look at me weird, like I was a crazy person, wearing high heels to go shopping or even go to McDonald's for a quick meal! It made me feel weird and self-conscious but one day I just stopped giving a fuck. I mean who cares what I wear right? Don't get me wrong, I love people watching and judge people like CRAZY but why should they care what I think right? It's my opinions so just fuck it.

And if you haven't noticed, this is the first time in a LONG time that I've worn my hair straight thanks to my hair straightener from Irresistible Me. I absolutely love this straightener!

- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel


  1. Love your outfits Dear, nice sweater:)

  2. Such a gorgeous scarf! You look great and you are absolutely right:)


  3. That's an amazing outfit, I love it! You look amazing :) You have a great blog, would you like to follow each other?

  4. Perfect look and photos! Love your scarf so much :)

  5. always love white jeans !


  6. You look fabulous! I love your outfit and your hair!
    P.S.: I also love your YouTube videos!

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  7. Absolutely gorgeous look. Love the white in it. Totally agree with you that you should wear whatever you want and not worry about what others think.
    Happy week!