Happy 28th Birthday

Sunday, November 06, 2016
"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
― Mark Twain

Celebrating with my Bridal Party

28 is Just a Number

Getting older doesn't phase me as much as other people. Yes, I'm a year older and I'm not getting any younger but that doesn't change anything. I mean, being 28, I'm still in school, I'm marrying the love of my life, I lost all my friends only to find friends that actually get me (and none of them seem to be the same age as me), so age doesn't matter. There's no real specific timeline for when you meet The One or when you should be going to school or when you get married and have kids. It just happens when it's right - whether it be when you're 20 or 30.

I used to think, when I was younger, that I would be married when I was 21 and have at least 2 kids right after. I'd have a successful job, no loans and fancy car. And I'm glad I was so wrong. I didn't even meet Israel until I turned 21. That means, I would have had kids with someone who wasn't compatible with me, I'd have kids with someone I didn't want too and I wouldn't have been able to finish school (because let's get real, I didn't finish my college diploma until I was 23). I would have been miserable if I lived my life on this unrealistic timeline. That being said, I think my life is going in the right direction at the right time. I'm glad I'm older and wiser because it'll help me make better life decisions.

So here's to another year of growing older and wiser and commence such a great thing, I'll give you all a little insight in my life.

28 Things About Me

  1. I graduated and have a Chemical Engineering Technology diploma that I am currently not using. I'm not particularly proud of this and I usually feel a little disappointed in myself but that’s life.
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  3. I met the love of my life, Israel, while in school. Fortunately for him, he got a great job after school and was able to buy us a home and put a ring on my finger.
  4. Personal

  5. I've worked as a Optometric Assistant since I was 19 years old. It's been on and off, but for the most part that has what my job has been. I'm hoping that it won't be forever as I would like to be able to use my education for my life career.
  6. I love dogs. Dogs are my favorite animals! Berkeley is like my child and I love him so much. Marble Jolens was the same!
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  8. I hate having Girls Night Out kind of thing. I think they're annoying. I'm not about that at all. I can hang out with my friends that are girls but once it's labelled something stupid like that, I'm done.
  9. That being said, I don't have a lot of friends. But I'm okay with that, I'm too mean and heartless to pretend to like everyone in this world. If I like you, I like you. You're lucky if I call you my friend.
  10. I’m obsessed with Christmas decorating. I always want to start decorating our house in November. I’m like one of those crazy Christmas people.
  11. Personal

  12. I’m super shy that it sometimes comes off as Resting Bitch Face. I don’t mean to be rude but my face just likes to look like that. I've had a few (well more than a few) people tell me that I looked like a bitch but I'm actually really nice ...
  13. I have a short temper, so I get easily annoyed with people.
  14. I have one of the worst road rages. I get mad at everything - people cutting me off, people driving too slow, people trying to race me, people just being dicks.
  15. Things that really irk me are really bad/old shoes, yellow teeth, bad breath and feet. Yuck.
  16. I'm self-conscious about my body but I've made that clear on my blog. When I was really skinny, people used to ask me if I was anorexic or if dating Israel was putting pressure on me and causing me not to eat. And now that I've gained weight, I always feel fat ...
  17. I'm an on again-off again gym addict. Sometimes I'm so dedicated that I'll go everyday, even sometimes twice a day, watching what I eat and counting calories. And other times, I could care less, eating McDonald's everyday. I wish I was always addicted to the gym!
  18. I LOVE Studio Ghibli movies. If you haven't watched one, please watch at least Spirited Away because it is amazing!
  19. Personal
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  20. I'm consistently mistake for being any type of oriental culture - Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese ... but I'm just a plan ol' Filipino.
  21. I know nothing about the Filipino culture - maybe some of the foods and 1 or 2 words but I'm the whitest Asian person alive. I don't know how to speak the language, understand the language and I know very little about the culture. I don't even know how to cook ANY Filipino dish.
  22. My favorite kind of music is techno/rave stuff, R&B/hip-hop and latin. I LOVE Spanish music thanks to Israel.
  23. I used to have a faux hawk in high school. Would NEVER do it again - it was a pain in the ass to grow out and I don't think I can sacrifice cutting my hair that short ever again!
  24. Personal

  25. Talking about hair, I was addicted to dying my hair in high school before my faux hawk, at one point I had like rainbow hair. I was so obsessed that my hair became so dry - hence the faux hawk.
  26. I hate my natural hair color (black). Israel convinced me to dye my hair blonde one day and I've never regretted once since - except the time my hair was over bleached, my hair was falling out and I had to dye my hair black again. I hope that never happens again. I died a little when I had to go back to black hair.
  27. Personal

  28. I used to try to hide my blog - I was embarrassed of my own thoughts and ideas. I hated the idea of people judging me more than they had too. I don't think I even told Israel when I decided to do it at first. (And I took really shitty photos - ones definitely not blog worthy)
  29. I had a British accent when I was a kid. I don't know where it came from but I remember this one girl would ask me to just talk because I sounded like a Spice Girl. I liked being compared to the Spice Girls.
  30. I think I was a monkey in another life - I crawled like one and I was amazing at the monkey bars. I used to also lick my hands before I used to use the monkey bars, I don't think monkeys do that, but it's very animal like ....
  31. Personal

  32. I get addicted to TV shows - like literally addicted. I could spend a whole week (if I could) binge watching a show. I'll watch it while doing my make up, eating, before going to sleep (which gives me little sleep because I go to bed so late) and I'll even watch it in the shower. I'll set up a little area with a bluetooth speaker just so I can watch while showering. This is with any show I start watching.
  33. I love Nicholas Sparks books (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, Message in a Bottle, etc). As cheesy as they are, they make my heart ache a little when I read them. I feel like the movies don't ever do them justice. Except The Notebook - I love that movie.
  34. I would choose to watch an animation movie over any other movie any day. I'm a kid at heart.
  35. I'm good at understanding other people's and thoughts. I'm good at understand situations. I'm a great mediator.
  36. Even though my family has never really said I love you to each other, I love them. It's hard to explain but I love them all a little differently. We've gone through a lot as a family, a lot that most people don't see or experience. It's been complicated, heart wrenching at times, but I love them. I do anything for them. Same goes for Israel's family - his family is mine

After writing this, I feel like I'm such a harsh, cold hearted, human being that loves her dogs and family. At least I know who I am and who I want to be. Having to write a post like this is hard because sometimes I feel like I should lie instead of telling the truth to make myself look more interesting or less weird. But I'm glad I didnt - I laughed a little, disgusted myself a little, was a little shocked at how little I care about people's feelings or thoughts but mostly loved myself just a little more because I was being real.

- The Cassie Paige


  1. happy brthday my blogger friends:)

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  8. Happy Birthday and as you I´m a dog lover. Each person has their own time for things happen. We should stop forcing just beacuse of the age.
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