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Monday, August 13, 2018
"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it."
― Estee Lauder

outfit outfit Mackage Jacket from Aritzia (similar/similar) | Little Moon Dress from Aritzia (similar/similar)
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Blogger Mentality

I'm going to honest and say, I'm probably one of the worst social media influencers out there. And by being the worst, that means I don't follow the social standards as other influencers/bloggers do. I've come to realize that in this blogging world, you need to have influencer/blogging connections; knowing someone in the industry will help you find someone who is willing to take your photos and vice versa, have a posse to go with to blogger events, and just help get your name heard in more places. And if you don't, well then it's every man for themselves. I'm honestly, I'm that person - I've never been a social butterfly, I'm socially awkward and I hate having to make small talk. And sometimes that makes me feel like I'm falling behind in this industry. But really, why should it bug me? I didn't get into blogger to jump in the blogger social circle and fight to be in the popular posse. I got into it because I love dressing up and I love the idea of me being able to sit here like I am, writing about my thoughts and ideas.

I saw a post the other day, I don't quite recall the exact words, but it was basically saying that you have to be nice to everyone around you, other women/readers/influencers regardless because these are the people who made you who you are. And this really bugged me. Why should I believe that all my hard work wasn't who made me who I am? I'm not saying I'm not grateful for the followers/readers that I have because I am forever grateful to the people who read this and understand the real me, but I put in that work and if people resonate with what I say, it's not because I'm reaching out and pretending to be this loving person. I'm reaching out by being myself - a socially awkward human being who doesn't do well in social gatherings.

I deserve the credit, the appreciation and the understanding from everyone that I'm not like everyone else. I'm not perky, bubbly, overly happy. I'm a blunt, RBF person who, if you get to know, am will be understanding, kind and honest.

outfit outfit

I Am Who I Am

With that being said, I'm not going to be rude or mean to anyone I don't know either. But I have a RBF, I don't know how to have normal conversations without overthinking about what I'm going to say next. And that's me being who I am, who I've always been. So I won't change myself to follow social media standards, I won't call you babe or love, I won't pretend I'm some ditzy girl because I'm far from that. And I'm not saying all influencers/bloggers are like this but just watching other influencers/bloggers on social media, a majority of them just seem to have this perky and bubbly personality that I just don't have.

outfit outfit

Everyone is different. Even though some people except me to fall into some sort of standard, I won't. I am not that person and I didn't do this for people to like a fake side of me. I did this to showcase my sense of fashion and know who the REAL Cassie is.

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- The Cassie Paige
Photos by Israel

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  1. I love the look of that Little Moon Dress from Aritzia! It looks very pretty, and you look pretty wearing it in all of these wonderful outfit photos. I love all the different perspectives of you and your outfit resulting from the different angles the photos are taken from on the staircases and escalator. These photos of you in your outfit are beautiful.
    I love that you're being yourself. Your posts are a pleasure to read, and the photos are a treat to look at.

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