Must Have: Orange

Friday, August 03, 2018
"Orange is the happiest color. "
― Frank Sinatra

Must Have Must Have Lace Top C/O of NovaShe (similar/similar) | Zara Suede Leggings (similar/similar)
Stuart Weitzman Sandals (here/here)


I would be the last person to ever buy anything in orange ... I just don't feel like it's my colour! I feel like it washes me out and it's just so bold! But honestly, I've been eyeing these shoes on the Stuart Weitzman for a while (thanks to my sister constantly sending me sale emails). I think I was drawn to it more than usual because I love the Stuart Weitzman Nudist shoes! I have 2 other Nudist style shoes already and they are just so pretty on! And I'm terrible for that, I like buying the same things in different colours/patterns and in this instance, a slightly different heel style and strap size!

Must Have

Trying New Things

The older I get, the more I like to stay in my comfort zone for clothes and styles. And as of lately, I haven't been wearing a lot of heels. Usually if I'm wearing them in my photos, I've just popped them on to take photos and I'm back on my slides. And I think it's because I'm just over killing my feet and as much as I love all my shoes, I would rather just save them from pain.

But these babies, these babies made me change my mind completely. It makes me want to wear heels more! Maybe because I haven't been doing it in a while or maybe because I realized how cute heels look on but these sandals have made a turning point in my life. As I write this now, I'm finally wearing heels out without having to switch into them!

Must Have Must Have

What is something you've bought that has been out of your comfort zone?! Let me know!

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