How to Style: Red Pieces

Monday, July 30, 2018

"Red goes with everything and red goes with nothing."
― Chloe Thurlow

How To Style How To Style Wilfred Top from Aritzia (similar/similar) | Wilfred Skirt for Aritzia (similar/similar)
Rudsak Jacket (similar/similar) | Jewel by Badgley Mischka Sandals (here/here)

Red Pieces

I don't know about everyone, but I find red a hard color to wear. I LOVE the color but it's so bold and it doesn't always pair well with other colors (and I usually wear black, white and grays anyways)! But there's just something about red that makes one feel dominant and in charge. It's such a powerful and bold color that it should scream "I am the most dominant piece of clothing in this ensemble! Am I weird that I feel like this!?

How To Style

How I Styled It

I always wear red with neutrals. I find that mixing any other color with red just takes away from my red pieces. I use red as my statement piece for my outfit and work around that article of clothing - whether it be a red top, purse or shoes! And 99.9% of the time, if I'm wearing something red, I'm going to wear a red lipstick to match. I know, I know, it's tacky to match your makeup to your outfits but I'm just that way. I've got OCD about mixing and matching colors (I'm not a huge fan of color blocking. It's super rare for me to wear more than 1 color per outfit). Usually when I'm wearing red as well, it's probably on date night. I don't know why, but just thinking back on the times that I have worn red, it's usually on date nights for me. It's just a date night kinda color for me I guess!

How To Style

P.S. I started filtering my photos differently and I'm honestly obsessed with how they turned out. I'm so in love with these photos. I've honestly just been dying to post this just for the amazing photos!

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