New Shopping Haul

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
{ H&M jacket & shirt, Bracelet from Winners and Shoe Republic wedges }

So Gagan and I decided to get ourselves excited for the Army & Navy sale by looking at the website and deciding what shoes we wanted to by - sadly though, they didn't have the shoes we wanted. Or we were being picky. When we went they did have a big collection of shoes. A lot of the ones I liked though were either too small or too big. Luckily I did find a cute pair of Shoe Republic one's! From the color to the wedge shape - this makes these wedges amazing! As soon as I saw the heel, I fell in love with them. I wish I bought the black ones as well! Maybe next time. 

I did find a couple other things at West Edmonton Mall. From H&M I found a cute striped jacket (and I've been looking for a cute striped blazer/coat seriously for forever) & Gagan pointed out the cute cobalt blue shirt - the color I own. Lastly I found a cute rose gold bracelet from Winners! Winners has seriously been carrying some cute stuff lately. I remember when I actually loved shopping at Winners they never really had good brands and now that I rarely go, they always have such cute pieces!

I swear, today started off as a terrible day - I didn't find that many shoes I liked at the Army & Navy sale, I couldn't find anything at Simon's, I felt like I hardly liked anything at H&M and I was mostly depressed about it. But as soon as me and Gagan went to grab something to eat - we were ready to shop, we were happy because we ate and we could finally find stuff we liked. Too bad we were overly full and tired from shopping early.


- Cassie Paige Tejada