A Birthday Celebration

Monday, May 20, 2013
Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting yesterday! I've been extremely the last couple days that I hardly have time to even take pictures! Yesterday especially! To start off my day yesterday, Israel wanted to work on his car and start so he could get stuff done before his vacation time is over (So I know I've been talking about Israel working on his car and what I mean is that Israel decided that he wanted to put a body kit on his car. Israel loves doing that kinda stuff so he does all that stuff himself). After that we went car shopping with Israel's brother for about an hour and then back to working on his car.

When 6 o'clock rolled around he had to go grocery shopping because we were gonna have a BBQ for Phil's birthday! Then that occupied the rest of my evening. After that it was all fun and games!

So sorry for no outfit of the day post guys!! I promise tomorrow I will - if I'm feeling better. I seem to have caught a nasty cold! Anyways - I decided to share some photo's of last nights shenanigans! Enjoy!

- Cassie Paige Tejada


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    1. You'll be getting a post today! Thanks for keeping updated on my blog!