Currently Lovin Edition - Choies

Thursday, May 23, 2013
So I've decided I'm gonna do a Currently Lovin' edition every so often on the blog just so everyone can share my love of an item, website, person, etc.

My first edition will be on Through recent browsing of other fashion blogs and other fashion articles I've come across this great online shop that sells amazing pieces of clothing! This website has a wide range of styles and fashion trends - from classy to street wear. I absolutely love it! And did I mention that most items are reasonably priced!!!

Some of my favorite pieces:

If you like some of these pieces, be sure to check out their site! They have more amazing stuff!


  1. I know, they have such great shoes!!

  2. Gorgeous picks! I especially love the white pointed heels. :)
    Following you now back via GFC, Twitter, and Facebook dear. Thank you so much for the support.

    xx, Mela

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