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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
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{ Talula top, Citizens of Humanity jeans, ONLY jacket, Michael Kors sandals & watch and Tiffany & Co. bracelet }

Finally - Israel is done shutdown! I am so happy I can't begin to explain it! And to celebrate his end of shutdown, we had a last minute BBQ last night with some good company, good food and good drinks! Last night was a helluva good time - every time Israel and I get together with Gagan and Kirby, we always seem to have a good time. Especially when we start playing Jenga. Oh man, when that Jenga game comes out, things get crazy! We come up with all these rules like - once you take one out and place it on, you give a drink, if you drop the tower you have to take a shot and Kirby aka Referee always gives out penalty drinks...he never seems to lose at the game, even when we try to gang up on him....

After that shitshow, I did however wake up with a major pounding headache. Good thing I wasn't hungover! I hate hangovers, I feel so gross the whole day. But I'm pretty sure Israel and Gagan were not feeling so good  since they both had a shot of 151 (if you haven't drank that, it's deadly). But we still had a good day - went for dim sum, did some shopping, and Target, which was a huge disappointment as I was looking for all the good stuff they seem to have in the States. Damn you Canada and your gayness!!

But that seemed to be my day! It was a pretty darn good day if I must say!

- Cassie Paige Tejada
Photos by Israel

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